Все, що стосується меблевого софту (software), програмного забезпечення для комп'ютерів: Pro100 та інші.
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F-UTILS is a software for furniture design and construction in AutoCAD.

After F-UTILS installation new menus and buttons appear, which give you many opportunities for design, construction and calculation of module furniture made of panels. With F-UTILS you can create whole modules of different type in seconds, visualize them, require information for the type and stripping of the separate parts any time, as well as the quantity of material, invested in the project.

All this information can be exported to Excel, where F-UTILS generates a part list, cutting optimization files and the final price for the customer.
F-UTILS is compatible with the most used software for cutting optimization: Оptimik, Plan IQ, CutRite, Ardis and Leonardo (G-vision office).
For more information, please visit futils.org

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